Tracy Kidder and The McDonagh Project

Mar 18, 2012

This year's "All Iowa Reads" selection is Tracy Kidder's 2009 book, "Strength in What Remains." It's the gripping story of of Deogratias, or Deo for short, who grew up in the E. Central African county of Burundi. Deo was a young man with dreams, the biggest of which was to become a doctor. He was working at a rural hospital in the country when in Oct. 1993, a Hutu militia attacked the building and started slaughtering everyone they thought was a Tutsi. Deo escaped, running for six months and eventually settling in New York City, knowing no one. Kidder, a University of Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate, will speak March 27 in Des Moines as part of the Des Moines Public Library's "AViD" author series. Later in the hour, we hear about "The McDonagh Project" at the Des Moines Social Club, the first time anyone in the world has produced all of the plays of the Irish playwright Martin McDonagh.