New Music

Nov 11, 2010

What music has moved you or gotten you moving in the past year? Two of Iowa's foremost experts on blues, rock and alternative music join us to play their favorite releases from the past year Bob Dorr host of Iowa Public Radio's Blue Avenue and Back Tracks and Mark Simmet of Night Music on IPR's Studio One stream will share their Best of Music selections from 2010.Bob's selections:* Teeny Tucker Keep the Blues Alive "Make Room for Teeny" * Shaun Murphy - Trouble with Lovin' - "Trouble with Lovin'"* James Kinds - Love You From the Top - "My Momma Told Me"* Diplomats of Solid Sound - What Goes Around Comes Around - "I Can't Wait for Your Love"* Nuno Mindelis - Free Blues - "Rockin' Daddy"* Joe Louis Walker - Blues Conspiracy - "Eyes Like a Cat"* The Kilborn Alley Blues Band - Better Off Now - "Tough Times"Mark's selections:* Spoon - Transference - "Got Nuffin"* Cashes Rivers - Cashes Rivers - "Atoms"* Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - "The Suburbs"* Laurie Anderson - Homeland - "Only an Expert"* Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz - "Get Real get Right"* Canby - Rat - "Reassurance"* The Books - The Way Out - "Group Autogenics II"* LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening - "I Can Change"* Roky Erickson - True Love Cast Out All Evil - "Be and Bring Me Home"* MGMT - Congratulations - "Brian Eno"