Medical Billing Class-Action Suit

May 27, 2014

A class-action lawsuit that could involve thousands of Iowans has been filed against HealthPort Technologies.

The Georgia-based company is a medical records and billings statement provider.  The suit alleges HealthPort overcharges costumers for duplications of their medical records and billing statements.

The lead attorney for the plaintiffs is James Bisconglia of the Des Moines law firm LaMarca & Landry. Bisconglia says that Iowa Code limits the amount a consumer can be charged for a records request.

"For example...regardless of whether or not you request one page or five pages, they regularly charge $20. But the amount that is to be charges, is supposed to be based on the actual cost of reproduction." Biscoglia also says HealthPort charges for electronic delivery, which is not legal in Iowa.

Iowa is one of several states in which class-action suits have been filed against HealthPort. Most recently suits were filed in New York and New Jersey for improperly billing costumers.