Mason to AIB Students: Tuition Break Possible

Feb 10, 2015

Academic counselors from the University of Iowa will be on the campus of the American Institute of Business in Des Moines this week.

They’ll meet with students to help them plan for the closing of AIB.  The college is donating their campus to the University of Iowa effective next year. 

President Sally Mason says the University hopes to make it as easy as possible for students to transfer to the Unviersity of Iowa.

“Every student receives individual advising to show them a pathway to graduation,” Mason says.  “We hope to meet with as many students as possible to have those important conversations.”

Mason says the cost of an education may go down for the AIB students because tuition is lower at the University of Iowa.

“We hope we offer an affordable option,” Mason says.  “Assuming we can sit down with them we can chart the right path forward for them, or find them a pathway to what it is they wish to continue to do.”

Mason took questions about the plan at the House Appropriations Committee at the statehouse.    She says the UI is planning to initially offer business and medical programs.   The other Regents universities will pay rent to the U of I to also offer programs at the Des Moines campus.

The chairman of the AIB board says the gift developed in part through of a personal relationship between Sally Mason and AIB president Nancy Williams.