Java Blend Broadcast: The Ericksons 11/2

Aug 8, 2013

Tune in for the hauntingly good sound of The Ericksons this Saturday!
Credit Photo courtesy of the artist.

  This Saturday, Nov. 2, at 2 PM, we'll broadcast a recent performance by The Ericksons on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend."

Ben Kieffer will chat with The Ericksons throughout the broadcast to find out more about their latest album, The Wild

Born from the grief of losing husband and brother-in-law, Lee Erickson, The Ericksons took off in 2008, releasing their first record, Middle of the Night. The band features Bethany Valentini on vocals and keyboard and Jenny Kapernick on vocals accompanied by Ben Lester (guitar and percussion) and Sean Carey (vocals and percussion.) 

From their experiences The Erickson's produce a sound that is, "sparse and dark, a little Appalachian and a little bluegrass." The Wild is the fullest, richest record yet from The Ericksons, an honest reckoning with that grief and love, rooted in American sounds. The Wild completely envelops the listener in the life that Bethany and Jenny have made in song.