Grassley's Federal Employee Travel Oversight Bill Passes From Senate To House

Aug 8, 2017

Last week the Senate approved a bill introduced by Sen. Chuck Grassley to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse by federal employees when they travel.

The Saving Federal Dollars Through Better Use of Government Purchase and Travel Cards Act directs the General Services Administration to review its database of charge card purchases to identity potential misuse.

Grassley says he believes this bill is important due to oversight investigations he’s conducted of the Defense Department and other federal agencies.

"Really you can’t believe what government employees use their credit card for, and seemingly with no embarrassment," he says. "To go to houses of prostitution. To buy personal things... just all sorts of illegal uses of credit cards."

Grassley, a Republican, introduced the legislation with Democrats Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware.

The bill now heads to the House for consideration.