Grandpa, Grandma and Kids Camp

Jul 13, 2015

Grandparents work side by side with grandchildren during a two-day camp.
Credit Courtesy photo

When you think about packing for summer camp some obvious items come to mind; sleeping bags, maybe a flashlight, or swimsuits. But a nature center in Northwest Iowa  is looking to add another item to the list, your grandparents.

It’s often difficult for kids and grandparents to coordinate their schedules to allow quality time together, but The Dickinson County Conservation Board in Okoboji is looking to make it easier and more fun than ever. Grandpa, Grandma & Me! is a new kind of day camp focused on bringing kids and their grandparents together for a unique camp experience.

Organizer Karess Knudtson says having both age groups together at the same camp produces a great opportunity “the older generation as well as the younger generation can serve as both a learner and a teacher that becomes a very wonderful experience.”

The camp is purposely without a theme. Knudtson says the reason for this is to keep the valuable time between children and grandparents in focus as well as to prevent any limitations on the activities they can enjoy.  She explains that, “campers can expect everything from cooking to kayaking.”  Knudtson says several hands-on activities are possible such as geo-caching and even making lip balm with the nature center’s very own bee wax.

The camp runs Thursday, July 30th and Friday July 31st.   Find more information at

IPR News intern Aaron Sprengeler contributed to this post.