Endangered Butterflies, There's an App for That

May 6, 2014

Of the 119 butterfly species that live in the state of Iowa, more than a quarter are endangered or threatened. For entomologists like Nathan Brockman and Donald Lewis of Iowa State University, that's troubling. Instead of lamenting declining populations, Brockman says he's invested in trying to rebuild populations in the state, in part through citizen science. He and students at ISU have created the "Unified Butterfly Recorder," a way for Iowans to track butterflies and share their data with others. 

This hour on Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Brockman and Lewis about the app, the butterflies that live in our state, and efforts to try and preserve and conserve their habitats. Stephanie Sheperd, Wildlife Diversity Biologist for the Iowa DNR, also joins the conversation.