Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes show off versatility

Oct 28, 2015

On this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host Ben Kieffer explores the many musical facets of Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes. 

Listen in below to hear tracks off the group's latest studio effort, "The Runner, the Ends, and the Space Between." 

Dan DiMonte is an Iowa City-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer transplanted from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. His band, The Bad Assettes, is comprised of many familiar faces to the Iowa City and Chicago music scenes. In a single show, DiMonte will sing and play guitar, piano, percussion, and trumpet. DiMonte’s compositions have a vast number of influences shining through (Jazz, Rock and Roll, Latin, Reggae/Ska, Folk, Blues, Funk, Gospel, Classical, etc.), so to put a title on such a genre-bending artist’s music is difficult.