Clinton Vows To Electrify Rural Economies

Aug 2, 2016

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says if she’s elected, she’ll bring diverse economic development to rural communities.

While speaking at a rally at an Omaha high school on Monday, Clinton told supporters one way she plans to do this is by making sure the U.S. has an electrical grid able to distribute energy from renewable sources. The former secretary of state cited Iowa’s use of wind energy as a successful example.

"What I love about that is they're also giving farmers extra income for hosting the turbines on their farm, and they are taking abandoned factories and actually assembling the wind turbines, putting people to work in Iowa, to produce the energy for Iowa," says Clinton.

Clinton also says she will “finish the job” of having broadband internet reach everywhere in the U.S. A 2015 report from the Federal Communications Commission found that over half of rural Americans lack access to advanced broadband.