Ash Borer Hits Woodlands

Dec 15, 2014

The Emerald Ash Borer now has a foothold in Iowa’s woodlands. Officials have confirmed the destructive beetle is present in ash trees across five new counties. Rick Fredericksen has the story.

So far, the destructive pest has been mostly found in urban areas. Now, experts have revealed the state's largest woodland infestation; starting in eastern Lucas County and invading the adjacent counties of Mahaska, Marion, Monroe, and Appanoose. One official found infected ash trees for mile after mile. Paul Tauke is State Forester.

“Now 2014 we’ve added 13 counties. We're going to see that population continue expand and probably see increased mortality of ash trees and increased incidents of new finds.”

The forester for Stephens State Forest in Lucas County  believes the ash borer is already present there, although it hasn’t been confirmed. I’m Rick Fredericksen, Iowa Public Radio News.