Kate Wells

Across Iowa, police substations are becoming popular in troubled neighborhoods.Police in Iowa City are set to open one in their southeast neighborhood next month. And last September, Cedar Rapids police opened a substation in the Wellington Heights neighborhood. Now, almost a full year later, Iowa Public Radio's Kate Wells reports on the challenges and achievements of a small police post in one of the state's toughest beats.

Big changes are on the way for Iowa's gun laws. Starting in January, Iowa sheriffs lose the right to deny gun permits, unless the applicant has been convicted of a felony or aggravated assault. The new law will also loosen restrictions on weapons training, how long a permit lasts, and the out-of-state permits accepted in Iowa. Altogether, the changes have left some sheriffs concerned for their counties' safety.

Some religious leaders in Cedar Rapids say clergy are leaving since the flood of 2008. That’s in line with national disaster recovery statistics. Iowa Public Radio's Kate Wells has the story.

Cedar Rapids: Two Years After the Flood

Jun 13, 2010

Two years ago at this time communities across Iowa were underwater. The floods of 2008 impacted dozens of neighborhoods but those in Cedar Rapids were among the hardest hit. Iowa Public Radio's Kate Wells and Alex Heuer report on signs of progress and the challenges still facing the community.