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State Senator Opens Up With New Book, "McCoy: You’re Going Straight to Hell"

McCoy, You’re Going Straight to Hell – that’s the title of State Senator Matt McCoy’s new book. In it, Iowa’s highest-ranking openly gay elected official shares personal stories and opinions sent to him on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate. "Not only was I going straight to hell, but I was bringing the souls of innocent Iowans with me...all these souls that would be lost as a result of marriage equality," he says. In this River to River interview, Ben Kieffer talks with Sen. McCoy...
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No school wants to be on this list.

It was just released by the Department of Education. On it: The names of 556 colleges and universities that failed the department's so-called "financial responsibility test."

Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell says each school's finances are now being placed under a microscope because "[the government] had serious concerns about the financial integrity of the institution or its administrative capacity."

Understanding The Forces At Play In Yemen

17 minutes ago
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Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit

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This story is part of an occasional series about individuals who don't have much money or power but do have a big impact on their communities.

Almost 70,000 refugees — victims of war, hardship and persecution — are allowed into the U.S. each year. But settling into their new homes can be a challenge, from learning English to figuring out how to turn on the dishwasher.

Omar Shekhey says he's there to help. The Somali American drives a cab at night, but during the day, he runs the nonprofit Somali American Community Center, based in Clarkston, Ga.

The Food and Drug Administration is trying to decide whether to allow a tobacco company to do something it's never done before — claim that one of its products is less risky than cigarettes.

The defense rested its case on Tuesday for admitted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after just a few hours of testimony. The defense called four people to testify compared to the 92 called by prosecutors.

Tsarnaev's lawyers have admitted he did what he's accused of doing. Their single aim is to try to cast Tsarnaev as less in charge than his brother Tamerlan — who died while they were running from authorities — and therefore less deserving of the death penalty if it gets to that.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has issued subpoenas to two Secret Service agents, setting up a confrontation with the embattled agency.

The subpoenas are linked to an investigation into an incident in March, when two potentially drunk Secret Service agents appeared to bobble the investigation into a potential bomb near the White House.

Two of South Dakota's largest tribes won a sweeping victory in federal court that could reverberate for tribes across the country.

A federal judge has ruled that the state Department of Social Services, prosecutors and judges "failed to protect Indian parents' fundamental rights" when they removed their children after short hearings and placed them largely in white foster care.

Even before he became president, Barack Obama was imagining the possibilities of a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran. His willingness to reverse decades of official U.S. hostility was one of the things that set Obama apart on the campaign trail.

"We have to have a clear break with the Bush-Cheney style of diplomacy that has caused so many problems," Obama told NBC's Meet the Press in November 2007.


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Studio One Live with The Maytags

Join IPR's Studio One for a FREE live broadcast of The Maytags. We're broadcasting from the Basement of the Des Moines Social Club Thursday, April 2. See you there - we start at 7!

Java Blend Featured Podcast

Damon Dotson's New Album Tumblin' Channels Mature Sound

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend" join host Ben Kieffer as he chats with Des Moines-based pop artist, Damon Dotson. Damon Dotson is a singer/songwriter based out of Des Moines, IA and originally from Northwest Iowa. Dotson has opened for legendary performers like BB King, Willie Nelson, The Beach Boys, as well as modern artists like Matt Nathanson, Edwin McCain, and The Lone Bellow.
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Red Cedar Chamber Music

HEAR: Red Cedar's Live "Brinton Project" IPR Set

A century ago, a couple named the Brintons from Washington, Iowa, assembled one of the world's great collections of silent films. Now, a historian in the town, Michael Zahs, has rediscovered and rehabilitated this trove - and in the coming weeks you can sample it as one of Iowa's most creative musical groups, Red Cedar Chamber Music, tours our state, accompanying the films with its unique mix of live music. They call it "The Brinton Silent Film Project," and last week they came to IPR's...
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