Backtracks on IPR Studio One en Backtracks April 12 <p>This show is TWICE as nice! It's the first EVAH Backtracks duos/duets show.</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>THE EVERLY BROS-'TIL I KISSED YOU</p><p>DON &amp; DEWEY-FARMER JOHN</p><p>MICKEY &amp; SYLVIA-LOVE IS STRANGE</p><p>DINAH WASHINGTON &amp; BROOK BENTON-A ROCKIN' GOOD WAY</p><p>TOM &amp; JERRY-FIGHTIN' MAD</p><p>DEE DEE SHARP &amp; CHUBBY CHECKER-SLOW TWISTIN'</p><p>IKE &amp; TINA TURNER-IT'S GONNA WORK OUT FINE</p><p>THE RIGHTEOUS BROS-SOUL AND INSPIRATION</p><p>SKIP &amp; FLIP-IT WAS I</p><p>THE FIREBALLS-BULLDOG (EXCERPT)</p><p>SAM &amp; DAVE-I THANK YOU</p> Sat, 12 Apr 2014 21:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 38796 at Backtracks April 5 <p>Some 50s rock'n'roll duos, early 60s British rock'n'rollers, instrumentals and lots and lots of Listener Picks leftover from last week's live show!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>EDDIE COCHRAN AND HANK COCHRAN-GUILTY CONSCIENCE</p><p>THE COLLINS KIDS-PARTY</p><p>THE EVERLY BROS-BIRD DOG</p><p>THE KALIN TWINS-JUMPIN' JACK</p><p>MICKEY &amp; SYLVIA-WHAT WOULD I DO</p><p>CLIFF RICHARD &amp; THE SHADOWS-PLEASE DON'T TEASE</p><p>MARTY WILDE-TOMORROWS CLOWN</p><p>TOMMY STEELE-WATER WATER</p><p>THE DAVE CLARK 5-I KNEW IT ALL THE TIME</p> Sat, 05 Apr 2014 21:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 38650 at Backtracks March 29 <p>A live show, with all the music coming from Listener Suggestion!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>DEE JAY &amp; THE RUNAWAYS-PETER RABBIT</p><p>SOUTH DALLAS COUNTY CREWCUT COWBOY BAND-BUY BUY BUY</p><p>DAVE PLAHN-SATISFYING MAN</p><p>THE KINGPINS-COME AND SEE</p><p>THE LAW-NOTHING IN THE REAL WORLD</p><p>VANILLA FUDGE-YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON</p><p>FLOYD CRAMER-FLIP, FLOP &amp; BOP (EXCERPT)</p><p>THE ROTARY CONNECTION-SOUL MAN</p><p>THE FRATERNITY OF MAN-DON'T BOGART ME</p><p>CROW-EVIL WOMAN</p><p>JIMI HENDRIX-FIRE</p><p>CANNED HEAT-EVIL WOMAN</p> Sun, 30 Mar 2014 08:06:06 +0000 Bob Dorr 38329 at Backtracks March 22 <p>It's an all Iowa music edition of the show. Tunes that might have been born in your neighbor's garage!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>RURAL - DRUNK NO. 1</p><p>THE MOTHER BLUES BAND - THE IOWA CRAWL</p><p>DENNIS MCMURRIN - L.A.</p><p>THE DREAMS BAND - YOU WANTED TO CHANGE ME</p><p>THE MISSISSIPPI BAND - BLUE GRASS COUNTRY</p><p>GREG BROWN - DOWNTOWN</p><p>ROY BUCHANAN - PRETTY PLEASE (EXCERPT)</p><p>JERRY MARTIN - JANET</p><p>BO RAMSEY - JUST LIVE</p><p>ZIPLOC &amp; THE INCREDIBLE SANDWICH BOYS - GIRL OF MY DREAMS</p><p>THE NON STOP - ALMOST THERE</p> Sat, 22 Mar 2014 22:00:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 37793 at Backtracks March 15 <p>The show is compiled from compilation records that focus on rockabillies, vocal groups, early English rock'n'roll, San Fransisco hippies and early 70s British art rock.</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>JOHNNY BURNETTE - ALL BY MYSELF</p><p>HUELYN DUVALL - FRIDAY NIGHT ON A DOLLAR BILL</p><p>JACK SCOTT - LEROY</p><p>JIMMY STEWART - NUTHIN' BUT A NUTHIN'</p><p>BIG JOE TURNER - LIPSTICK, POWDER AND PAINT</p><p>THE DRIFTERS - FOOLS FALL IN LOVE</p><p>THE CADETS - I WANT YOU</p><p>LONNIE DONEGAN - PUTTING ON THE STYLE</p><p>RAY CHARLES - HALLELUJAH I LOVER HER SO</p> Sat, 15 Mar 2014 21:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 37422 at Backtracks March 8 <p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>SPARKLE MOORE-ROCK-A-BOP</p> Sat, 08 Mar 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 37247 at Backtracks March 1 <p>A potpourri of spotlight segments including rock'n'roll women of the 50s, early 60s vocal groups, British Invasion tunes, and some leftovers from the 3-fer and Love shows!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>LAURA LEE PERKINS-COME ON BABY</p><p>SHIRLEY GUNTER-CRAZY LITTLE BABY</p><p>HELEN BOZEMAN-SUGAR BABY</p><p>THE MILLER SISTERS-10 CATS DOWN</p><p>MARY EDWARDS-CHILLY WILLY</p><p>THE JIVE FIVE-MY TRUE STORY</p><p>CURTIS LEE-PRETTY LITTLE ANGEL EYES</p><p>THE JARMELS-A LITTLE BIT OF SOAP</p><p>CORSAIRS-SMOKY PLACES</p><p>RANDY &amp; THE RAINBOWS-DENISE</p> Sat, 01 Mar 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 36848 at Backtracks February 22 <p>The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming! No, really, the entire concert performed by Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone and The Zombies at last Fall's Maximum Ames Music Festival makes up most of this week's show!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>THE ZOMBIES-SHE'S NOT THERE</p><p>BILLY J. KRAMER &amp; THE DAKOTAS-BAD TO ME</p><p>HERMAN'S HERMITS-JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER</p><p>THE SEARCHERS-LOVE POTION #9</p><p>WAYNE FONTANA &amp; THE MINDBENDERS-IT'S JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO LATE</p><p>GERRY &amp; THE PACEMAKERS-HOW DO YOU DO IT?</p><p>THE ZOMBIES-TIME OF THE SEASON</p> Sat, 22 Feb 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 36566 at Backtracks February 15 <p>It's a lovefest on this Valentine's weekend edition of the show. Every song has the word love in the title!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>FRANKIE LYMON &amp; THE TEENAGERS-WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE?</p><p>JACK SCOTT-TRUE TRUE LOVE</p><p>CLYDE MC PHATTER-LOVEY DOVEY</p><p>DEE DEE SHARP-ROCK ME IN THE CRADLE OF LOVE</p><p>THE RONETTES-BABY, I LOVE YOU</p><p>MAMAS &amp; PAPAS-WORDS OF LOVE</p><p>THE YARDBIRDS-FOR YOUR LOVE</p><p>YOUNG RASCALS-GOOD LOVIN'</p><p>OTIS REDDING-I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG</p><p>BUDDY HOLLY-WORDS OF LOVE</p> Sat, 15 Feb 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 36098 at The Zombies - A Reflection <p>In 1966, I was the drummer in my Jr. High Band, (Sudlow Jr High in Davenport) Tortoise &amp; The Hair. Like all the other basement/garage bands in the Quad Cities, our song list included lots of British Invasion songs. Also, like all the other bands in the area, we played She's Not There by The Zombies. That means my connection to The Zombies music is now 48 years old! I have never heard them play live, but Saturday, Feb. Fri, 14 Feb 2014 14:03:21 +0000 Bob Dorr 36271 at Backtracks February 8 <p>It's a 3-fers edition of the show, three songs from each of the featured artists.</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF THE SHOW</p><p>PETE SEEGER-WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE/TURN TURN TURN/LITTLE BOXES</p><p>THE EVERLY BROS-DEVOTED TO YOU/WHEN WILL I BE LOVED/IT'S ALL OVER</p><p>JOHNNY RIVERS-WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE/SEVENTH SON/SECRET AGENT MAN</p><p>LONNIE MACK-WHAM (EXCERPT)</p><p>3:30</p><p>STEVIE WONDER-I WAS MADE TO LOVE HER/UP TIGHT/HEY LOVE</p><p>THE KNICKERBOCKERS-LIES/ONE TRACK MIND/HIGH ON LOVE</p><p>CLASSICS IV-SPOOKY/STORMY/SUNNY</p> Sat, 08 Feb 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 35838 at Backtracks February 1 <p>50s rockabilly, a few tracks from The Beatles Live on the BBC vol. 2 and lots and lots of leftover Listener Picks from last week's live requestfest!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>JOHNNY BURNETTE &amp; THE ROCK AND ROLL TRIO-HONEY HUSH</p><p>DON WOODY-BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE</p><p>JOHNNY HORTON-I'M COMING HOME</p><p>GUY MITCHELL-ROCKABILLY</p><p>CARL PERKINS-JIVE AFTER FIVE</p><p>THE BEATLES-LEND ME YOUR COMB/SURE TO FALL/HONEY DON'T</p><p>BRIAN POOLE &amp; THE TREMELOES-TWISTIN' THE NIGHT AWAY/THINGS/RETURN TO SENDER</p><p>THE DAVE CLARK 5-CHAQUITA (EXCERPT)</p> Sat, 01 Feb 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 35622 at Backtracks January 25 <p>The monthly Listener Picks show!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>THE EVERLY BROS-MUSKRAT</p><p>THE JAYNETTES-SALLY GO ROUND THE ROSES</p><p>PAUL SIMON-KODACHROME</p><p>JACKIE DE SHANNON-WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM</p><p>THE SEARCHERS-WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM</p><p>CREAM-SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD</p><p>THE AMBOY DUKES-JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE MIND</p><p>THE RUMBLERS-BOSS (EXCERPT)</p><p>LINDA RONSTADT-WHEN WILL I BE LOVED/WILLIN'</p><p>BOB DYLAN &amp; THE BAND-LIKE A ROLLING STONE</p><p>JOE COCKER-WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS</p> Sun, 26 Jan 2014 04:48:11 +0000 Bob Dorr 35339 at Backtracks January 18 <p>A two hour tour through my 45 rpm REKKID collection. As always, pops and scratches at no extra charge!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>THE BIG BOPPER-BIG BOPPER'S WEDDING</p><p>HUEY SMITH AND THE CLOWNS-JUST A LONELY CLOWN</p><p>JOHNNY CASH-ALL OVER AGAIN</p><p>ROY HAMILTON-DON'T LET GO</p><p>ELVIS PRESLEY-NEW ORLEANS</p><p>ELVIS PRESLEY-LOVER DOLL</p><p>BOBBY DARIN-MACK THE KNIFE</p><p>SAM COOKE-THAT'S ALL I NEED TO KNOW</p><p>CHUBBY CHECKER-DANCIN' PARTY</p><p>DEL SHANNON-LITTLE TOWN FLIRT</p><p>THE MARKETTS-OUT OF LIMITS (EXCERPT)</p><p>3:30PM</p> Sat, 18 Jan 2014 22:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 34953 at Backtracks January 11 <p>It's the annual "It's My Party And I'll Play What I Want To" birthday edition of the show! We'll start out Twistin', spend a lot of time with the tunes of The British Invasion and 60s soul music, and wind up with The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. You bring the CAKE!</p><p>VARIOUS ARTISTS-OPENING COLLAGE OF SONGS</p><p>CHUBBY CHECKER-LET'S TWIST AGAIN</p><p>JOEY DEE &amp; THE STARLITERS-PEPPERMINT TWIST (PT.1)</p><p>DANNY &amp; THE JUNIORS-TWISTIN' USA</p><p>GARY US BONDS-DEAR LADY TWIST</p><p>SAM COOKE-TWISTIN' THE NIGHT AWAY</p><p>CHUBBY CHECKER &amp; DEE DEE SHARP-SLOW TWISTIN'</p> Sat, 11 Jan 2014 23:00:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 34534 at Backtracks December 21 <p>It's the monthly LIVE Listener Picks show, this time with a Christmas party atmosphere. YOU pick out the songs, with rock'n'roll Holiday songs given preference. Call 319-273-6350 during the show or advance requests taken at</p> Wed, 18 Dec 2013 21:49:05 +0000 Bob Dorr 33718 at Backtracks December 14 <p>LOTS of 70s music on this week's show! Hour #1 deals with artists associated with the Warner Bros. labels including Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Cliff, Martin Mull, and The Allman Bros. Band. Hour #2 focuses on the country-rock sound from The Byrds to Jerry Jeff Walker to Poco to Pure Prairie League.</p> Fri, 13 Dec 2013 05:42:53 +0000 Bob Dorr 33453 at Backtracks December 7 <p>It's the return of LONG SONGS night! Every song is at least 8 1/2 minutes long. The entire two-hour show is covered by eight songs!</p><p>This show originally aired 6/22/13</p> Mon, 02 Dec 2013 05:11:29 +0000 Bob Dorr 32898 at Backtracks November 30 <p>It's time for the annual Feast Of Leftovers! We'll listen to songs we've yet to hear from compilation boxsets, selections that did not make recent theme shows, a few of my 45 rpm "rekkids" and a bunch of leftover listener picks that I didn't have time to play on last week's LIVE requestfest.</p> Fri, 29 Nov 2013 02:41:45 +0000 Bob Dorr 32802 at Backtracks November 23 <p>It's time for the monthly LIVE Listener Picks show. YOU pick the tunes! I'll have listener suggestions from Facebook friends, emails, and your calls. Advance requests taken at Remember, all the music on this show is at least 25 years old.</p> Wed, 20 Nov 2013 18:46:21 +0000 Bob Dorr 32413 at Backtracks November 16 <p>Lots of spotlight segments including Rockin' Women of the 50s, some more song comparisons, British Beat of the early 60s (pre British Invasion) some more of my 45 rpm "rekid" collection, and a few selections from the new Duane Allman Restrospective box set.</p><p>This show originally aired 3/30/13</p> Thu, 14 Nov 2013 08:53:30 +0000 Bob Dorr 32098 at Backtracks November 9 <p>An all new spotlight segment show with sets showcasing 50s New Orleans rock'n'roll; some Answer Songs of the early 60s; some previously unreleased takes by Van Morrison and Sly &amp; The Family Stone; and a blues set with John Mayall and John Lee Hooker with Canned Heat.</p> Thu, 07 Nov 2013 05:15:44 +0000 Bob Dorr 31746 at Backtracks November 2 <p>Someone else picks out the tunes this week! Des Moines listener Sam Salomone shares his extensive 45 rpm record collection in hour #1 and Waterloo listener Gemma Hoyden shares her knowledge and personal library on the British Pub Rock scene of the 70s in hour #2</p><p>This show originally aired 6/1/13</p> Wed, 30 Oct 2013 17:43:17 +0000 Bob Dorr 31363 at Backtracks October 26 <p>It's the ghost of Halloween Backtracks past!</p> Fri, 25 Oct 2013 17:02:03 +0000 Bob Dorr 31140 at Backtracks October 19 <p>Recently a long-time friend of mine contacted me saying that she was doing so much traveling that she no longer had time for her hard copy CDs and did I want them. She gave me THREE HUNDRED! So this week's show is all songs from those CDs that recently found a home at my house! Including tunes by Ruth Brown, The Isley Bros., and a rare live Kinks song. It's kind of like treasure hunting!</p> Sat, 19 Oct 2013 05:33:04 +0000 Bob Dorr 30809 at Backtracks October 12 <p>It&#39;s an all new spotlight segment show with segments on British rockabillys of the late 50s; some answer songs of the early 60s; some 45 rpm &quot;rekkids&quot; from my personal collection; and some rock&#39;n&#39;roll instrumentals that we didn&#39;t hear last week on the all instrumental show. I&#39;ll be hosting the show LIVE so I can acknowledge and thank you for your calls of support on this important fundraising edition of the program (pledge at 88-971-8815 or on line at</p> Tue, 08 Oct 2013 21:46:03 +0000 Bob Dorr 30290 at Backtracks October 5 <p>No Words Aloud! It&#39;s a reprise of the all instrumental show originally aired May 18th</p> Tue, 08 Oct 2013 21:38:31 +0000 Bob Dorr 30289 at Backtracks September 28 <p>The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming! This week's show spotlights the music of the mid 60s British Invasion with an emphasis on The Zombies, who's set at the Maximum Ames Music Festival will be broadcast LIVE by IPR tonight starting at 7pm!</p> Mon, 23 Sep 2013 04:28:25 +0000 Bob Dorr 29477 at Backtracks September 21 <p>A sampling of recent acquisitions for the show spotlighting 50s British rockabillies, some "answer" songs, and some "Country Funk" of the early 70s. Plus, LOTS of listener picks leftover from last week's live requestfest.</p> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 18:49:45 +0000 Bob Dorr 29347 at Backtracks September 14 <p>I'm kicking off the Fall production season with a LIVE listener picks show featuring listener suggestions from email, Facebook friends, and YOUR calls! Advance requests taken at or call during the show. Don't forget, all the music on the program is at least 25 years old!</p> Wed, 04 Sep 2013 04:04:34 +0000 Bob Dorr 28518 at