Statehouse and Politics

Two Iowans are among a group of plaintiffs asking a court to assert their right to buy unpasteurized milk from surrounding states where it is legal, and bring it back to Iowa.

Morning Edition Host Sarah McCammon talks with Drake University Professor of Politics Dennis Goldford about what to expect from Iowa's primary election. Goldford says candidates tend to run when they think the tide may turn in their favor.

Abortion Protest

May 20, 2010

Planned Parenthood of Eastern Iowa observed its 30th anniversary in Cedar Rapids. Protesters from several states showed up. Anti-abortion activists are unhappy about a new program expanding abortion services to small rural communities.

Two of the Republican candidates for Governor attacked one another’s creditability during the final debate of the Primary season. Bob Vander Plaats questioned Terry Branstad's trustworthiness, while Branstad questioned Vander Plaats understanding of state government. The third candidate Rod Roberts tried to remain above the fray and afterward warned the bickering is dividing the party.

State regulators say wild Fourth of July parties at the Iowa Great Lakes are endangering public safety. Morning Edition Host Sarah McCammon talks with Department of Natural Resources Director Rich Leopold.

Debate Rancor

May 1, 2010

The Republican candidates for Governor attacked Chet Culver and then each other, during the second debate of the primary campaign yesterday (Saturday). The three GOP hopefuls agreed on most issues but clashed over party loyalty.

Handpicking Candidates

Apr 28, 2010

With the Republican and Democratic primaries just over a month away, legislative candidates are busy knocking on doors and handing out literature to prospective voters. But there is no primary race in the heavily Democratic House district 69, despite the retirement of long time Des Moines lawmaker Wayne Ford. Ford didn’t announce his intentions until a week and half before the filing deadline to get on the June ballot. Iowa Public Radio’s Jeneane beck reports some democrats are accusing party leaders of keeping the retirement a secret to avoid a primary race.

Obama in Ottumwa

Apr 27, 2010

President Obama received an enthusiastic welcome when he brought his White House to Main Street tour to Ottumwa. More than two thousand people turned out to cheer the president’s record so far on the economy, even though unemployment persists in southeast Iowa.

Crowded Debate

Apr 26, 2010

An unusually crowded field of candidates is vying for the Republican nomination in Iowa's third congressional district. Seven men are competing to take on incumbent Leonard Boswell in the general election. That's causing headaches when it comes to holding candidate forums.

Session Ends

Mar 29, 2010

The Iowa Legislature adjourned over the noon hour today (Tuesday) after putting the finishing touches on a six billion dollar budget. The final compromise includes concessions for the Governor, new incentives for small businesses, and last minute public safety measures.

Work continues at the statehouse on the final pieces of a more than five billion dollar state budget. Lawmakers now have an eye on adjournment sometime this week. Over the weekend, the Senate found time for a long debate about concealed weapons permits.

Statehouse Reporter Jeneane Beck tells Morning Edition Host Sarah McCammon about what to expect as the Iowa Legislature works to wrap up the 2010 session.

Morning Edition Host Sarah McCammon interviews Statehouse Reporter Jeneane Beck about what's happening in the Iowa Legislature.

Morning Edition host Sarah McCammon interviews Statehouse Reporter Joyce Russell about what's coming up this week at the Legislature.