Phyllida Barlow

Arts and Culture
1:02 am
Fri June 21, 2013

"Scree Stage" Premiers at Des Moines Art Center

“Scree Stage” is a new sculpture by British artist Phyllida Barlow. It’s assembled for the first time in the Des Moines Art Center’s I.M. Pei Gallery for a summer exhibition featuring many of Barlow’s large works and her paintings.
Photo by John Pemble

A new sculpture weighing more than twelve tons has been under construction at the Des Moines Art Center for two weeks.  It’s titled “Scree Stage”, named after the debris of fallen rocks found at the base of a mountain. It’s the center of an exhibit opening this weekend. Iowa Public Radio’s John Pemble visited the Art Center as this massive new work of art began to take its final shape.


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