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If you’re in the market for fluorescent light bulbs, you might talk to Chris Smiley.

Rick Fredericksen / Iowa Public Radio

It was 60 years ago when mental health professionals welcomed a new option for their patients. Instead of radical brain surgery and dangerous forms of shock treatment, doctors could prescribe a simple oral medication for the first time. An Iowa woman was a nurse during this crucial turning point and IPR’s Rick Fredericksen has her story.

Durrie Bouscaren

Some Iowans visit hospital emergency rooms more than 15 times a year. They’re known as “frequent-flyers” or super-users of the ER. Today on River to River , how our system handles them. In the first half of the show, we meet a former super-user who would visit the hospital once a week. She now sees 6 doctors and takes 36 medications, a decrease from what she used to endure. And, host Ben Kieffer talks with a social worker and an ER physician at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, where they...

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In the emergency room, the last thing you want to think about is what your bill is going to look like. But, weeks later you will receive a bill in the mail; and you might experience some sticker shock. Today on River to River , we seek to answer your hospital billing questions. Questions like: why does an aspirin cost upwards of $15, when I can get a generic bottle at the drug store at 2 cents a pop? Guest host Emily Woodbury talks with Dr. Thomas Striegel, an emergency room physician at St....

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Is winter almost over? And how has the long, harsh season affect Iowa's waterways and aquatic life? Also, the latest Quinnipiac poll , 2014's Cancer in Iowa report , Iowa's new tourism ad campaign and Pi Day at the Science Center of Iowa .

Bairo Pite Hospital /

There’s a place in the world where 75% of the population still live in villages with no access to electricity, running water, or the Internet. That place is a little island in SE Asia, called East Timor. Today on River To River, host Ben Kieffer talks with Iowa native Dan Murphy, who founded the Bairo Pite Hospital in the country back in 1999. Dan shares his experiences treating illness and disease in the area, and gives us an idea of why we should be focused on this little known developing...

Bill Leaver is CEO of Iowa Health System, the states largest network of hospitals and clinics. He says the ruling will pave the way for more streamlined and prevention-focused healthcare.