2:05 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

'Food Dome' Will Provide Vegetables Year-Round for Shelter Kitchen

Volunteers begin work on the 'Food Dome' at Central Iowa Shelter and Services.
Tom Vance Central Iowa Shelter & Services

A giant ‘food dome’ is almost complete next to Central Iowa Shelter and Services in Des Moines. As Iowa public Radio’s Durrie Bouscaren reports, the unusually shaped greenhouse will grow vegetables year round and supply the shelter’s kitchen.

Rodney Volkmar and a team from the Colorado-based company Growing Spaces are attaching triangular sheets of reflective insulation on a 30-foot, dome-shaped scaffolding. They expect to finish work by Friday.

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5:32 am
Fri June 20, 2014

Evictions Looming for Des Moines Homeless

Rod Mundy, Rick Mundy, and Bonnie Schroeder at their camp near downtown Des Moines.
Durrie Bouscaren Iowa Public Radio News

Just south of downtown Des Moines, and tucked away from the families and bicyclists visiting Grey’s Lake, six people live under the Martin Luther King Bridge.

“It’s a lot scarier than people think,” says 52-year-old Bonnie Schroeder.

For the second time in two years, the city of Des Moines is evicting about 40 people who are homeless and living in camps within the city. Some have already packed up and moved on—others, including Schoeder, are appealing the city’s decision.

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River to River
1:40 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

Homelessness in Iowa

A man sleeps on a bench in Downtown Iowa City on July 31, 2013. Sleeping on benches between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. would violate an ordinance the city council is considering and could result in a $65 fine.
Alan Light Flickr

According to a study by the Iowa Council on Homelessness, in 2011 roughly 17,900 individuals in Iowa were homeless at some point throughout that year.  What are the causes of homelessness and what can communities do to help? Also, Iowa City has a new ordinance which aims to further restrict panhandling in the downtown area. 

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