Field Museum of Natural History

7:00 am
Thu January 31, 2013

"Sue the T-Rex" Comes to Iowa

IPR's Sarah McCammon stands in front of Sue the T-Rex. The dinosaur measures 12 feet tall at the hip. The replica will be on display beginning Feb. 2 at the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines.
John Pemble IPR

A replica of a rare, 67,000,000-year-old dinosaur fossil is in Iowa for a little while. “Sue" the T-Rex was discovered in South Dakota in 1990.

The Science Center of Iowa is hosting a traveling exhibit about the dinosaur Feb. 2 to May 12. Workers have been busy this week setting up the replica of the towering fossil.

That’s where IPR's Sarah McCammon caught up with the Science Center’s exhibit director, Allison Shwanebeck, and Michael Paha of the Field Museum in Chicago.

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