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Agriculture and Harvest Public Media
4:45 am
Fri October 18, 2013

2013 World Food Prize Laureates Stir up GMO Controversy

Protestors gather on the west side of the Iowa State Capitol to protest the laureates.
Clay Masters IPR

  The World Food Prize is commonly referred to as the Nobel Prize of Agriculture. This year it went to three biotechnology pioneers and infuriated environmental groups. The award winners were honored Thursday in Des Moines. Iowa Public Radio’s Clay Masters reports.

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Iowa Archives
5:00 am
Mon October 5, 2009

Norman Borlaug, 1914 to 2009

He is one of Iowa’s most famous native sons. Norman Borlaug is credited with averting widespread famine by introducing revolutionary agricultural techniques to farmers around the world. He was a distinguished professor at Texas A&M when he died at the age of 95. Historic audio comes from You Tube, Texas A&M and Iowa Public Radio News.

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