Winter is Coming. Is Your Home Ready?

Oct 21, 2015

Not long ago air conditioners were running full blast, but alas, winter is coming. On this edition of Talk of Iowa, home improvement expert Bill McAnally joins host Charity Nebbe to talk heating and cooling alternatives such as the mini split heat pump, and he gives some advice about putting on storm windows to keep the cold outside. 

"If you put [your storm windows] on every fall like a lot of people do, do not caulk along the bottom. You caulk the sides, the top. you never caulk the bottom,' McAnally explains. "There's these little bumps on the bottom of most storm windows. They're there for a reason, so when you get condensation inside the window that the water can drop down and then go out that sill. That's why the sill is at a slight angle so the water can shed."

During this hour of Talk of Iowa​,  Nebbe also talks with McAnally about what should be on your to-do list when comes to readying your home for an Iowa winter.