Will the 2016 Election Cycle Effectively Redesign Party Platforms? Maybe.

May 31, 2016

With businessman Donald Trump the apparent GOP nominee for President of the United States, Americans are anxiously awaiting what comes next.

Michael Lind, fellow at New America, author of Land of Thomas: An Economic History of the United States and columnist for Salon and contributing editor to Politico has called the 2016 election cycle an “earthquake.”

"The big news in this election is the policy realignment. There’s been a gap between the existing coalitions, and their party platforms," says Lind.

"Business class Republicans want immigration reform, but working class Republicans don't."  

During this River to River interview host Ben Kieffer talks with Lind about what he says could be a new era of American politics that's currently being shaped by candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. He says if Trump does get elected, he doesn't think he'd make a very effective President. 

"Trump is not Hitler or Mussolini. We don’t need to worry about dictatorship. If he did get elected, he’d be a really weak, one term president. If you look at these celebrities like Jesse Venture or Arnold Schwarzenegger, they don’t tend to get a lot done," Lind says.