What’s Happening in Ferguson Could Happen Anywhere

Aug 21, 2014

State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad of Iowa’s 35th House District, says Iowans should learn from what's happening in Ferguson.

“What’s going on in Ferguson isn’t just about a shooting. We’re going to see these tensions unless we address the root of the problem, which has to do with economic and structural inequality,” he says. Abdul-Samad is also founder of Creative Visions, an organization in Des Moines that has been working to reduce violence and build stable communities. 

St. Louis Public Radio’s Durrie Bouscaren gives an update with the latest from Ferguson.

Abdul-Samad says in his district, the Des Moines Police are doing a good job of connecting with the community, but there is always room for improvement. During this River to River program, host Ben Kieffer talks with Abdul-Samad, Associate Professor Kesho Scott of Grinnell College and Officer Yanira Scarlett of the Des Moines Police Department about racial tension and policing in Iowa.

Hear the full program below.