Ty Segall Has This Week's Featured Release

Feb 26, 2017

California native Ty Segall is a songwriter, vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist.  The instrument he's best known for is guitar, with an approach that is mainly punk-leaning garage rock.  Segall has been in a lot    of bands, and when he's performing as Ty Segall he's backed by a shifting group of musicians with a band name that seems to change every few months.  For the new album, Ty Segall​, Segall is playing with regular collaborators Mikal Cronin (bass), Charles Moothart (drums) and Emmett Kelly (guitar), plus pianist Ben Boye- together they are The Freedom Band.  With producer Steve Albini on board, it was Segall's intention to simply get in the studio and play, with no overdubs for this record.  Ty Segall:  "There's something about a band in a room- it's a feeling you can't replicate.  There's a feel to the music.  The band is so good, and I love the feel of this record."