Transgender Iowan Files Complaint Due to Workplace Struggle

Jul 25, 2016

Iowan Jesse Vroegh is a nurse with the Department of Corrections, and he recently filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, citing that he was being denied use of the men’s bathrooms or locker rooms at work, as well as medically recommended health care solely because he is transgender.

On this news buzz edition of River to River, guest host Clare Roth talks with Vroegh's attorney, ACLU of Iowa's Rita Bettis, about the potential for litigation in the case.

Also on the show, a conversation with The Gazette's Todd Dorman about the Iowa delegation at the RNC;  UIHC's Dr. Jeffrey Meier about the rise in HIV cases in Iowa; retired U.S. foreign services officer Janice Weiner bout unrest in Turkey; Shannon Erb about RAGBRAI coming to the small town of Leon; and Clay Masters interviews Iowa Democratic Chairperson, Andy McGuire.