'Tis The Season For Forgiveness In Cedar Rapids

Nov 23, 2015

If you receive a parking violation in Cedar Rapids during the next month, it could benefit a needy family or a homeless person. Cedar Rapids is now dismissing parking fines in exchange for gifts to homeless shelters and family service centers.

Downtown Parking Board Director, Doug Neumann, says the gifts should match the fine.

“So, if you have a $7.50 parking ticket, which is kind of the standard ticket, you may want to bring in a hat and gloves, or a small blanket and we will forget the fine,” he says.  “We do have some fines as high was twenty-five-dollars for some more egregious offenses and for those people we’re thinking about a winter coat.”

Neumann says the “Forget the Fine Supply Drive” also forgives overdue fines.

“Anything that in your conscience you believe is of like value to the ticket, we will take in exchange,, and we will wipe clear your ticket.”

The program continues through December 23.