Timofeyev/Kolpakov Russian-Roma LIVE

Nov 15, 2013

Join Barney Sherman Monday at 2PM as two of the world's foremost Russian guitarists perform LIVE in IPR's studios. Oleg Timofeyev is renowned internationally both as a performer and as a musicologist who has rediscovered lost repertory. Vadim Kolpakov is one of the most prominent Russian Roma (Gypsy) 7-string guitarists of our time; previously he was lead musician of the Moscow Roma Theatre Romen, where he performed as a guitarist, composer, vocalist, dancer and dramatic actor. The two will focus on the intersection of Russian and Roma (gypsy) music going back to era of the great Russian novelists.

Oleg Timofefeyev and Vadim Kolpakov
Credit Oleg Timofeyev