Symphonies of Iowa for May 26 and May 27, 2013

May 21, 2013

Credit Orchestra Iowa


Orchestra Iowa Chamber: Concert 4

BEETHOVEN                   Variations on “La ci darem 
                                                  la mano”

VANHAL                           Divertimento in G Major
IBERT                                Five Pieces for Trio
HALVORSEN                  Passacaglia & Sarabande 
                                                  with variations on a 
by Handel
PROKOFIEV                   Quintet in G minor, Op. 

The Orchestra Iowa Chamber Players finish their season with works by Beethoven, Vanhal, Ibert, Halvorsen, and Prokofiev. Beethoven’s Variations on”La ci darem la mano” is one ot two pieces modeled after a terzetto by Wendt and composed for two oboes and an English horn. Ibert’s  Five Pieces for Trio  was written after a hard time for both Europe and Ibert. Ibert’s music was banned in 1940 by the Vichy government and was not recalled until 1944. This piece, full of rich and dark music, was written upon his return to Paris for his daughter. Halvorsen’s Passacaglia and Sarabande with variations on a theme by Handel  is derived from Handel’s Suite No. 7 in g minor. Also included on this chamber concert are Prokofiev’s spirited and energetic Quintet in g minor, and Vanhal’s Divertimento in G Major.

This concert was recorded April 5-7, 2013.