Supply of Workers in Cedar Rapids Improves Slightly

Jun 7, 2017

Credit City of Cedar Rapids

The latest report on existing industries in the Cedar Rapids area shows employers remain concerned about the number of available workers. The outlook, however, is more positive than a year ago.

Each year, the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance surveys around 85 business executives and plant managers from a wide spectrum of industries to get their views on the area’s economic climate. The Alliance’s local business projects specialist, Mike Lukan, says workforce availability continues to be a challenge in Cedar Rapids. But things are looking up.

“There was a slight improvement," he says. "It wasn’t much, but we did see a little glimmer there that it has improved.”

Nearly 30 percent of Cedar Rapids-area companies have expressed concerns about their ability to expand because of the size of the workforce. 

“It continues to be problematic," Lukan says. "We did see from the 2015 existing industries surveys we did see a slight increase in the good direction of available workforce.”

Among the high points in the report are the overall satisfaction levels among business leaders for the Cedar Rapids area’s education and transportation services.