On the Spectrum: How Iowa Legislation is Helping Children with Autism

Jul 31, 2014

All kids need some guidance when it comes to appropriately interacting with others. But for kids with autism, learning social skills could be the key to becoming independent adults.

Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the most tested and reliable treatments for children on the autism spectrum. In April, funds become available for Iowa families to take advantage of these treatments. 

On this hour of Talk of Iowa, Host Charity Nebbe talks with Dr. Debra Waldron, pediatrician and director of the Regional Autism Assistance program and Alyson Beytien, who became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst after mothering three children on the autism spectrum. Juan Pablo Hourcade, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Iowa, also joins the conversation, to discuss how technology can help children on the autism spectrum.