Slingshot: Made in Iowa

Dec 15, 2014

You probably haven’t seen one yet, but the newest motor vehicle made exclusively in Iowa is set to go global next year. The story from Iowa Public Radio’s Rick Fredericksen.

It is called the “Slingshot,” a futuristic-looking, three-wheeled vehicle that is part car and part motorcycle. Polaris Industries is now in full production at Spirit Lake, having added 300 workers in the factory that also builds Indian and Victory motorcycles. Chris Doucet is Commercial Director of Slingshot.

“We have declared that this area of Iowa is going to be producing a lot of our vehicles and I could certainly see potential for significantly more employment as we move forward.”

Doucet says thousands of Slingshots have already been produced. Base price for the open-air roadster $20,000. I’m Rick Fredericksen, Iowa Public Radio News.