Six Chefs Battle Thursday

Nov 4, 2014

Six Iowa chefs will compete Thursday at West End Salvage in Des Moines for the second annual Iowa Public Radio Battle of the Chefs. They're all out to win. 

Sam Auen of Tacopocalypse was last year's winner. He says he founded Tacopocalypse without a designated space for the restaurant, and that gives him an advantage.

"My whole business came from operating in a mobile situation, so I'm no stranger to using guerrilla warfare in the kitchen."

Kamal Hammouda, owner of Relish in Grinell, is the only chef from outside Des Moines, and he's planning accordingly.

"Given the distance I have to travel, I decided to do a cold dish."

On this episode of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe, who will be hosting Battle of the Chefs, interviews all six contestants. 

Auen and Hammouda join the conversation, plus Lisa Lavalle of Trellis, Eric Bill of Hoq, Nic Gonwa of Eatery A, and Joe Tripp of Alba. Battle of the Chefs starts at 5:30 PM on Thursday at West End Salvage. Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased here.