Session Ends, Campaigning Begins

May 5, 2014

The Iowa Legislature adjourned last week and even though it’s an election year, lawmakers managed to get a few big items accomplished, including a $7-billion budget and a bill that decriminalizes some forms of medical marijuana in the state. At the same time, priority bills from the governor to crack down on schoolyard bullying and expand broadband to rural parts of the state failed. Now, many lawmakers will run for re-election and a handful are vying for higher office.  Host Clay Masters has a conversation with State Senator Joe Bolkcom, Democrat from Iowa City and Representative Matt Windschitl, Republican from Missouri Valley about accomplishments of this session and issues likely to be revisited next year.  Then, statehouse reporters Mike Wiser of Lee Enterprises and Joyce Russell of IPR discuss what issues are likely to come up as lawmakers hit the campaign trail.