Sandbagging in Solon as Eastern Iowa Braces Against Flooding

Apr 18, 2013

Flash flood warnings have been issued across eastern Iowa, and communities are bracing themselves for heavy rain through the end of the week. 

In Solon, about 15 people scrambled to fill sand bags and load them onto volunteers’ pickup trucks Wednesday afternoon. Some were bound for their neighborhoods; others, to a daycare down the road.

Tom Trump drove a load of sandbags back to his subdivison on the south side of Solon, where a large pool of water was slowly creeping up to his neighbors’ basement windows.

“I guess when I first saw it, I started thinking about what we’ve gotta do to fix it,” he says.

The Department of Public Works delivered three pumps in Solon. Officials say it’s the worst they’ve seen in years.

The National Weather Service predicts the rain will continue, peaking on Thursday.