Same-Day Voter Registration

Nov 3, 2014

Tomorrow is the 2014 Midterm Election. While both major parties have championed early voting, many Iowans will score an “I Voted” sticker at their polling station.  

Chance McElhaney of the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office says for those who haven’t yet registered to vote, voters will need to bring a picture I.D. and proof of residence, if the I.D. lacks a current address.

"That could be a residential lease, utility statement, a paycheck, a government check or some other government document," says McElhaney. "If you have any questions about whether the information you're going to bring to the polls is acceptable, you can always contact your county auditor."

Additionally, if registering voters can’t prove where they live with documentation, they can ask a registered voter from their precinct to attest to their residency.  Both people, the registering voter and the attester, will be required to sign an oath.

Voters can find their polling place here