Russian-Yiddish In-Studio Set at IPR @2:30 PM

Apr 29, 2014

Russian-born singer/scholar Yuri Vedenyapin - a renowned expert in Yiddish folklore - will be in our studios Wednesday with Russian-guitar virtuoso Oleg Timofeyev to introduce us to the little-known repertory of Russian songs in Yiddish. (Scroll down to hear one of them!) Also joining us will be a Russian-guitar master from Sweden, Stefan Wester, and a leading Russian-Roma guitarist from Moscow, Fedor Kondenko. They'll perform and also tell us about the International Russian Guitar Festival and Symposium, to be held this weekend in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, where they will be among the performers.  [UPDATE: It was beautiful! Audio will be posted, but meanwhile, do check out the Russian Guitar Festival offerings at the link above!]

Singer Yuri Vedenyapin, who teaches Yiddish language and culture at Harvard's Davis Center, and has also taught at Columbia, Moscow State University, and the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. He studied in Moscow at the Schepkin School of Acting and the Maimonides Jewish Academy; his doctoral thesis is on Yiddish stand-up comedy.
Credit Yuri Vedenyapin