Rubio Criticizes President For Gun Action

Jan 5, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio spoke at an early morning rally at a Cedar Rapids hotel today, telling those in attendance that President Barack Obama views the U-S Constitution as an annoyance.

Rubio was referring to President Obama’s executive action on Tuesday, tightening firearm sales restrictions. After the rally, Rubio elaborated for reporters.

“He’s obsessed with undermining the Second Amendment,” Rubio said.  “He’s obsessed with burdening law abiding citizens who are following the matter what it is. If he’s serious about gun violence, he’d be focused on violence. What it is that is happening in our culture that is leading people to commit violent acts.”

Rubio told the one-hundred or so people at the rally that America is a great country in decline.  Not a weak country, but a country with a weak president.

Rubio also said he’s concerned that the nation’s naval and Air Force strength is aging and too small.

“This is dangerous, and it is reckless,” he said. “And, it is reckless that people running for President as Republicans support this. When I’m President of the United States, my top national security priority will be to rebuild the U.S. military. Because the world is a safer and better place when America is the strongest military power in the world.”

Rubio also called Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton using a private e-mail computer server when she was Secretary of State, ”recklessness”. 

”You can’t put someone like that in charge of America’s military.”