Regents Decline to Renew UI President Sally Mason's Contract

Dec 7, 2012

The Iowa Board of Regents is declining to renew a contract with University of Iowa President Sally Mason. Regents President Craig Lang confirms that Mason is working without a contract.

“Her contract – five-year contract – was up in August,” he says. “We did not renew a new contract with President Mason. She is employed at will.”

Lang says the Regents are asking Mason to improve the University’s statewide outreach, improve relations with the Iowa Legislature, and establish goals.

“We’d like to see the University of Iowa be well-known for the things it brings to the state,” Lang says. “The dentists, the nurses, the lawyers, the communication – that the university is doing really great things. And we think all of that kind of communication starts at the top.”

Asked if the Regents are looking for improvements in President Mason’s performance that can’t easily be spelled out in a contract, Lang responded, “That’s correct.”

Lang downplayed the move a bit, saying it’s possible Iowa State University President Stephen Leath’s contract also would not be renewed when it expires. Lang says the University of Northern Iowa’s new president will have an initial contract.