Rebecca Rego's Music Bursts with Poetic Vocals

Jan 12, 2015

In this encore episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host Ben Kieffer will chat with Rebecca Rego.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about the artist.

Seconds, her 2012 release, marks the fourth studio record for Rebecca Rego since 2006. Seconds is Rebecca Rego's second full band release . The album features Stephanie Whiton on drums, Michael Biederman on guitar, Mike Przygoda playing piano, and Renee Serritella on the bass. Fellow Chicago folkie and occasional member of Joe Pug’s band, Julie Klee, provides backing vocals on half of the new songs.

Rego can now be found in Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen.  Their latest release is called TolonoMidwestern ideals, small town luxuries, and family make up the DNA of Tolono and Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen.Likening her Trainmen trio to Bob Dylan’s The Band, she also credits the lifelong buddies with coloring in the contours of Tolono’s most tender moments and elevating the rambunctious ones.

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