The Procrastinator's Politics - Episode Two

Oct 13, 2016

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No more putting it off! Here's a study method to help you prepare: candidate arithmetic.  It's a quick, simple way to get to the facts. 

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Episode 2:

  1. Sanders Rallies Young Voters For Clinton Reported by Clay Masters
  2. First Congressional District Race Gets National Attention  Reported by Pat Blank
  3. Grassley Offers No Clarity On Canceled Debate Scripted by Sarah Boden 
  4. A Meeting of Second Bananas: The VP Debate by Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer
  5. Political Analysis of Tuesday's Vice Presidential Debate by Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer
  6. An Interview with Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Charles Aldrich by Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer