The Procrastinator's Politics - Episode One

Oct 6, 2016

You're Listening to The Procrastinator's Politics.

No more putting it off! The 2016 election is less than a month away, so here is Iowa Public Radio's coverage of these last few moments before the big day. You’ll hear interviews, news stories, and analysis from IPR reporters and talk show guests. Studying last-minute has never been easier. 

Join us Mondays in October. 

Episode 1:

  1. Trump Visits Iowa Ahead Of Early Voting Reported by Jack Williams 
  2. Clinton Urges Iowans To Vote Early Reported by Clay Masters
  3. Iowa’s Undecided Voters Share Their Concerns 40 Days Before Election Day by Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer
  4. An Interview With U.S. Senator Charles Grassley by Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer