Political Analyst: "North Korea always threatens; it's sort of one of their main exports"

Aug 10, 2017

In response to new UN sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons program, North Korea has vowed to retaliate against the U.S.  

In this politics day edition of River to River, guest host Emily Woodbury talks with political scientists, Rachel Caufield of Drake University and Scott Peters of the University of Northern Iowa, about President Trump's reaction to the developments in North Korea.  

Caufield says, "This kind of big bold statement is consistent with how Trump talks about the world." Peters adds that, "North Korea always threatens; it's sort of one of their main exports." But he says that he is more concerned about President Trump's harsh response to the threat.

The guests also examine the Robert Mueller investigation, efforts to combat the opioid crisis, several Supreme Court cases, and sanctuary city lawsuits.