Peter Aguero to Perform in Iowa City Friday

Apr 4, 2016

Peter Aguero, Moth GrandSLAM champion and instructor for the Moth Community Program, started telling stories for The Moth in 2007 after finding a community at an open mic story slam in New York City. 

"I put my name is the hat, and I got picked. I told a terrible story," he says. "It didn't have any structure, and it didn't make sense. After that, the producer said 'that wasn't great, but you should come back.'" 

He went back because of the community. 

"In New York City in particular, you can feel very isolated, and at The Moth, there was a community there. They wanted you to do well, so I went back. I was going every other week and was really immersing myself into the form." 

During this Talk of Iowa interview, host Charity Nebbe talks with Aguero about storytelling and his work with The Moth. He'll be performing in Iowa City Friday, April 8 at The Mill as a part of the Mission Creek festival.