New Polls Show Closer Presidential Race Than Previously Thought

Jul 13, 2016

New swing-state polls released today show Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

On this politics day edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks with political analysts Dave Andersen and Bruce Nesmith about results of the latest political surveys, Bernie Sanders endorsement of Clinton, and Donald Trump's announcement of his top three picks for a running-mate - Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"[Trump's] said really interesting things about his vice presidential selection. He even came out this week and said that while he has a top five he's considering and he's narrowed it into a top three, there are also two mystery guests that he's seriously discussing, but nobody knows who they are," says Andersen.

Andersen goes on to predict what the presidential candidate will do next.

"I think the most Trump-like thing to do right now would be to pick one of these two mystery guests and surprise the world, because if he really doesn't believe that a vice president matters that much, what better way to use them than to captivate the media cycle in the week leading up to the convention with a mystery guest?"

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