New Hog Confinement Proposed In Hancock County

Mar 17, 2017

A hog confinement that could contain nearly 7,500 animals is being proposed in north-central Hancock County. County Supervisor Jerry Tlach says he’s in support of the new Peacock Farms facility. He says it will provide jobs for young farmers hoping to remain in area.

"Right now the price of land and some of the rent prices that are getting paid out here, the younger farmers want to come back to farm can’t come back and just do farm-ground type work," says Tlach. "They have to have something else to make income off of, and these hog confinement facilities give them a chance to do that."

Based on population estimates from the US Census, Hancock County’s population has shrunk by 3.2 percent since 2010.

A public hearing will be held regarding the proposed confinement on April 3 at the Government Building in Garner.