New Fees for Air Polluters

Apr 6, 2015

Some Iowa industries would pay fees for the first time in order to enforce clean air regulations, under a bill making its way through the Iowa Senate.   

The Department of Natural Resources says fees are based on the weight of emitted pollutants and the state has collected less money as industries have reduced emissions.

The DNR is negotiating with regulated industries to come up with a new fee structure. 

“Work continues on an amendment to create those fees,” Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom says, “and give the regulated community some confidence that we're not collecting more fees than we need.”

Industries and the DNR met over the summer to come up with recommendations.

“There’s been a ton of work during the session to get everybody on the same page,” Bolkcom says.  

“The amendment we will take up later collects fees on some of the permitted community that hasn't paid fees in the past,” he adds.  

Officials say the new fees are needed in order for inspections to be done in a timely manner. Officials hope to speed up the permit process by hiring more inspectors.