New Convenience for Teslas Crossing the State

Nov 15, 2016

Drivers of the high-dollar all-electric vehicle known as Tesla may be making their way across Iowa more often, now that some super-fast charging stations are available.   

Hy-Vee stores in West Des Moines, Coralville, and Davenport have installed the new so-called superchargers in their parking lots to benefit Tesla drivers only.   

Our cars can charge up to 170 miles in 20 minutes

Company spokesman Will Nicholas says it will speed up long-distance Midwestern travel.

“Our cars can come in here at no cost currently and charge up to 170 miles in 20 minutes,” Nicholas said.

More superchargers are available in Council Bluffs.   Hy-vee plans to install them at stores across the border in Illinois and Nebraska. 

Tesla models retail at $70,000.

Credit Bit Boy/flickr

“When people make a significant purchase like this they want to be able to use their car 12 months a year for all purposes.” Nicholson said.   “This enables that long-distance travel midwestern customers expect and now can enjoy.”

Nicholas estimates there are as many as a couple hundred Tesla owners in Iowa.

The cars are not sold in Iowa because state law requires automobiles to be sold through dealerships.   Tesla currently does not have franchise arrangements with car dealers.

Charging Station
Credit Joyce Russell/IPR

Nicholson says by the end of next year, the company hopes to sell a $35,000 model.

The new superchargers are in addition to traditional charging stations at other Hy-Vee stores for other models of electric cars.