Nathan Bell sings songs for the working man

Nov 18, 2015

On this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," Iowa City native songwriter Nathan Bell talks with host Ben Kieffer about how he blends literary and industrial influences to create relatable, powerful songs. 

Listen in to the podcast below for tracks from Nathan Bell's upcoming project, "I Don't Do this for Love, I Do this for Love," as well as special poetry readings from Nathan's father and Iowa's first poet laureate, Marvin Bell. 

Raised in Iowa City, the cradle of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, the son of a nationally known poet, Nathan Bell has long been recognized by reviewers, listeners, and his peers as one of songwriting’s most unique and articulate lyricists. Known for his straightforward yet poetic lyrics, and expert musicianship, His stories are of everyman, sung with honesty and empathy. Though his subjects are often dark and troubled, Bell never leaves the listener without, as Cohen wrote, ‘the crack, where the light comes through.’ Nathan’s masterful guitar turn his metaphors into melody.