Mourning in the Digital Age

Jul 11, 2012

A lot of us live much of our lives online, and online communities are also becoming an important part of death. On today's "Talk of Iowa", we'll find out about an online community for people who have lost a loved one, how funeral homes are embracing technology, and life after death on Facebook. Our guests include Heart2Soul founder Karen Zinn, John Wild of Iles funeral Home in Des Moines, Tom Frisch of GotFuneral, and PhD student studying social media mourning practices, Jed Brubaker.

We also spoke with the administrator for the Facebook page, "Memorial Page: R.I.P Kenneth James Weishuhn - Stop Anti-Gay Bullying".

Former Paullina, Iowa resident, Kenneth Weishuhn, committed suicide earlier this year after being bullied as a result of his sexuality. As a 12-year-old from Canada, Brynn Bilou created a memorial page without ever knowing Kenneth. Listen to her story below.

- - - Charity Nebbe's conversation with Brynn Bilou - - -