Mike Himebaugh showcases classic country influence

Sep 15, 2015

In this encore episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host Ben Kieffer hangs out with acoustic country songwriter Mike Himebaugh.

Listen in below for his "Chicago twang" sound that's bound to draw a smile.

Mike Himebaugh is classic country inspired artist. His songs burst at the seams with joy. In Mike’s latest EP, Green, the influence of country twang fuses with lyrics and melodies that are uniquely his to form what he calls "Chicago Twang." Although Mike recently started touring on his own, he can sometimes be found playing with the band Hello Dave.

Here’s how Mike describes his musical career:

“I play music for a living.... Heaven. I’m so proud to have stood beside my band mates for so many years and create music that has become- as many have told me- ‘the sound track to their lives’. First dances, first dates and first babies has been our legacy. 

For the past couple years I’ve been heading out of town on my own. I play shows at clubs, festivals and at people’s houses. I’ve been writing songs and recording them. I’m releasing my first batch of solo music in 2012.   I am HIMEBAUGH and I like to write and sing songs to make people smile.”